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>> which means everybody out, as the doors of the sistine chapel were closed. all day, the square outside of st. peter's, a sea of umbrellas, as the faithful undeterred by the cold and rain, came to watch. and josh elliott reports from there tonight. ♪ >> reporter: as you know, it was a rainy day here in rome, but it couldn't dampen the pageantry of and ritualistic spirit of this first day of conclave. it was a day that started with ceremony and solemn prayer and as ever, anticipation. as the rain fell, the crowds packed st. peter's square, looking skyward for the results of today's first papal votes. then the dense black smoke rose. indicating there was no consensus yet. just hours before, those 115 voting cardinals entered today's final mass, perhaps sneaking in some last conversations before heading to the conclave. some such as boston's cardinal
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sean o'malley took the time to sit alone in prayer. one by one, the cardinals walked down the aisle before taking individual oaths to obey the rules of the conclave, which demand the utmost secrecy. if they ever break their silence, they risk excommunication. cardinal dolan, now thought to be a considerable contender, gave a final radio dispatch from rome before heading into conclave himself. >> it's a unique, special morning. i never thought i'd be doing what i'm about to do. >> reporter: the last words we'll hear from him for a while. >> extra omenes. >> reporter: everyone out, and with that, the doors closed, the work of choosing a pope would truly begin. >> there's a sanctity in the air that they're trying to see who does it belong to, among these 115 cardinals? who is the person who is holy? and that's the toughest judgement of all. and when the world sees white smoke, inside the sistine chapel
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the dean of cardinals will ask the newly elected pope if he accepts the result. and if he does, he is from that moment, the new pope and chooses the name he will then be called. next, he walks to the nearby "room of tears," so called because some newly elected popes have in the past, cried there, as they absorb the enormity of the moment. he then dons his new robes, puts the papal ring on his finger and is led down the hall of the blessings, to the central window of st. peter's basilica, where he is introduced to the masses with a simple latin phrase, habemus papam. we have a pope. until then, the world's wait continues. if history is any indication how long this will take, none of the last four conclaves lasted more than three days. but also keep in mind, the last conclave to go more than five days was back in 1831, that one took 50 days.
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>> everyone had to pack a lot of bags then. thanks so much, josh. abc's cecilia vega was also moving through the crowds in st. peter's today and found a flock of devout and some people defiant. >> reporter: as one of the catholic church's holiest rituals went on inside, outside a moment of chaos. just steps away from st. peter's basilica, these women took their tops off to protest what they call patriarchy in the church. they met their match with vatican police. authorities pounced and police shoved away the media. security is on high alert with thousands of pilgrims packed into this holy site. ♪ many of those pilgrims started their day in prayer at this mass to send the cardinals on their way. for hours, people waited outside to get a spot here in st. peter's basilica, just to catch
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a glimpse of one of these men who are walking down the aisle today, one of them will be the next pope. others braved rome's pouring rain, waiting for that single smokey sign, some coming all the way from the united states, like tanya guerrero from texas. >> i think it's amazing to be a part of it. >> reporter: even among the devoted, there are calls for reform, on everything from the church's handling of the sex abuse scandal, to allowing female priests and greater transparency. >> the sex abuse scandal has been going on forever. i think the next pope will deal with it. >> reporter: when you think of women and their role in the catholic church, where do you feel women stand? >> not as high. not as high. ♪ >> reporter: for many here, and around the world, there is hope that whomever emerges as the next leader of the catholic church, change is on the way. and the protesters we saw today were detained by police, making for a very intense moment in
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what was otherwise a peaceful day. we met pilgrims from europe, latin america, asia, they were singing, cheering, they were rooting for the cardinals from their own countries. in some ways, it really felt like a little bit of a soccer match out there. >> cecilia, thanks so much. i want to turn now to father john wauch of rome via chicago who has been watching all day the conclave. we heard cecilia talk about the crowds. you were saying to me, it was a different feeling you had out there today. >> i think that what you see is, once the conclave has begun, there's a change in the air. there's a change in the tone surrounding the vatican. >> taking this seriously, knowing this matters? >> you could say that the opening of the conclave, with the music and the hymns and the pageantry of it, the prayer, casts a spell, almost, on the city. and the people in the square this evening, waiting for the
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smoke, i think, you get a sense that they were participating in this momentous decision. >> right back there in the dormitory, 115 cardinals are having dinner, we're told it's pasta with tomato sauce, what a surprise in rome. but what do they know from today for sure? how does it change their approach to the morning? >> what you have is a reality check on what might have been wishful thinking in favor of one candidate or another. i have this favorite candidate, maybe he could be the pope. now they're thinking about, maybe i need to think more seriously about this other candidate that i don't know so well. i need to be more informed about this person. those are probably the kinds of conversations that are taking place now. >> you were telling me earlier today that the cab drivers, it's the cab drivers, if they had a vote, wouldn't be close. it would be american because? >> there's no question who the cab drivers of rome are in favor of. they have money and tourists who come to rome to take the cabs.
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so the cab drivers are rooting for cardinal o'malley or cardinal dolan. >> everything's personal sometimes. okay, thanks so much. >> thanks, take care. and we also want to tell you tonight about a sign of modern times. today we learned about a new service. it's called pope it promises to send you an e-mail or text when a new pope is named. promising, quote, when the smoke goes up, you'll know what's going down. and be sure to watch our continuing special events coverage tomorrow right here on abc news. we will be standing by all day and bring it to you, the moment it happens. special coverage here on abc. and now, more news back here at home. abc's george stephanopoulos sat down with president obama today for an exclusive interview. the president opening up about a story in the news that has touched him and his family. the first lady, along with other familiar names, appear to be the victims of a hack attack. abc's senior justice
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correspondent pierre thomas has been tracking this story all day. and brings us the latest. >> reporter: this sinister looking website is posting what hackers claim is the social security number and credit report of the first lady. the fbi and secret service are investigating and today in an exclusive interview with abc's george stephanopoulos, president obama would not say if the information is authentic, but confirmed authorities are trying to find out what happened. >> we should not be surprised that if you have hackers who want to dig in and devote a lot of resources, that they can access people's private information. it is a big problem. >> right into the white house? >> again, i'm not confirming that that's what happened. you got websites that sell people's credit cards that have been stolen. >> reporter: michelle obama is not the only potential victim. those targeted are a curious mix of the powerful and famous. vice president biden, former secretary of state hillary
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clinton, beyonce, kim kardashian, the fbi director and l.a.'s police chief. tonight equifax confirmed that unauthorized and fraudulent access occurred involving four high profile people, but they declined to identify them. law enforcement officials are trying to determine how much of the information on the website is authentic and how it might have been obtained. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> thank you, pierre. now we want to bring you more from george's interview, because the president also weighed in on the budget battle, heating up today. >> paul ryan today put forward his budget and said he's challenging you to put forward a budget that reaches balance. are you going to do that? >> no. my goal is not to chase a balanced budget just for the sake of balance. my goal is how do we grow the economy, put people back to work, and if we do that, we're going to be bringing in more revenue. if we've controlled spending and we've got a smart entitlement
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package, then potentially what you have is balance, but it's not balance on the backs of the poor, the elderly, students who need student loans, families with disabled kids. that's not the right way to balance our budget. >> a reminder that you can see more of george's interview with president obama tomorrow morning on "gma." today james holmes, the man charged with the movie theater massacre in aurora, colorado, last summer, was in court to enter a plea. here he was, the fiery orange hair gone, as he sat stone-faced. he did not speak. his parents, rarely seen in court, seated behind him. today his lawyers asked for more time before making a plea, but the judge refused, putting in a not guilty plea on behalf of holmes. still ahead here on "world news," a new health alert, a popular antibiotic leads to heart problems, even sudden death.
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and tonight we want to bring you a medical alert about a very popular antibiotic, z-pak. the fda says the drug could lead to sudden death for some people, who have certain heart conditions. which ones? abc's chief medical editor, dr. richard besser, tells us more about the medicine and when to be concerned. >> reporter: it's prescribed nearly 60 million times a year to treat common infections -- ear, nose, throat and chest. so popular people ask for it by name. do you have patients with a cold or flu who say, doc, give me a z-pak? >> all the time. >> reporter: but today that warning from the fda. for some patients, z-pak can cause abnormal changes in the electrical activity of the heart. which can be fatal. the warning applies mainly to people with heart problems called arrhythmias and people
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with low potassium and magnesium. for these people, the risk of sudden death is one in 4,000. tonight pfizer tells abc news they're updating their labels with that abc warning, listing those conditions. many patients may not know they have those conditions and too often people ask for z-pak when they start to feel sick. have you asked for z-pak? >> yes. >> reporter: what's the reputation? >> that it knocks it out. >> reporter: z-pak is safe for most people. but to reduce your risk, know your family's heart history and your own, but the best advice, don't request antibiotics, they only work for some infections. >> we want to be the heroes, we want to make people happy, we want to make people feel better. >> reporter: yeah. >> so we wish this was the answer, but it really isn't. >> reporter: but remember, antibiotics won't make you feel better if you only have a cold or the flu. dr. richard besser, abc news, new york. and coming up next here, with the instant index and a big discovery on mars. find out what it is.
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just the right ph they say, not too salty. the martians life in question would be microbes, not the scary green monsters we see in the movies. and right back here on earth, it took home the top five at the oscars, "argo," ben affleck, the story of an undercover cia team that smuggled americans out of iran during the hostage crisis. two weeks after the oscars, iran held a private screening and today the verdict is in. they are not fans. iran now threatening to sue the film makers, ben affleck and george clooney. they say the movie was unrealistic, an unrealistic portrayal of their country, and they want an apology from the film makers and a concession of -- from them that the movie is nothing but a lie. and there was a star is born moment today. call it billy and the kid. the piano man himself billy joel taking questions from students at vanderbilt university when a
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freshman summoned the courage to ask his idol to help him realize a dream, to accompany him on piano for a rendition of "new york state of mind." >> okay. chews chews ♪ i'm in -- ♪ i'm in a new york state of mind ♪ >> afterwards, billy joel said that kid has some chops. and if you see something out there for the instant index, be sure to tweet it to us wherever you are in the world. coming up from rome, the man who dreamed, not of being the pope, but of driving the popemobile. driving the pope mobile. there is risk of bone fracture, and low magnesium levels. side effects may include headache,
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and finally tonight, someone we met here in rome has a true front-row seat on history. he's not a cardinal. he drives a minivan. and one of his passengers is being mentioned as a contender to be the next pope, which could put him behind the wheel of the popemobile. abc's david wright tracked him down. >> reporter: from pope benedict's historic abdication -- ♪ to the moment they closed the doors of the sistine chapel today -- father antonio hofmeister has had a front-row seat to history. the driver's seat. >> reporter: so you have had quite the busy week. >> yes, quite a busy week. >> reporter: it's been his job to chauffeur three brazilian cardinals, including one of the front-runners, cardinal odilo scherer of sao paolo.
5:55 pm
>> today i was thinking, it's the last journey with one of these three. >> reporter: you might be dropping them off, but not picking them up. >> yes, yes. >> reporter: a lot of responsibility for a young priest. >> and the rome traffic. can you imagine that? >> reporter: traffic that's now even worse as the pilgrims and tourists start to arrive. >> any normal day it's just chaos. >> reporter: i don't think you can swear with a cardinal in the back seat. >> no, no, no. i better behave with three cardinals. >> reporter: father antonio is here in rome doing a masters degree on church history. >> now i'm kind of living it! i'm seeing all the guys. i have probably shaked hands with the next pope. >> reporter: he especially likes cardinal timothy dolan of new york. he says the cardinals in his minivan haven't really been talking papal politics. what do they talk about? >> they talk about soccer. >> reporter: today as he dropped them off one last time, father antonio put in a request, in case his cardinal wins.
5:56 pm
>> i hope to be the popemobile driver. >> reporter: you never know. david wright, abc news, rome. >> and we thank you so much for watching. we're always working for you at "nightline" later at its new time, 12:35 a.m. eastern and again we'll be bringing you all the special reports and new development as they happen during the day. sure to watch, as we say goodnight from rome. a preschoolteacher arrested for slipping a sleep aid to students. one parent's question. how long has this been going on? >> a bhan a remarkable attitude telling abc 7 news he feel nose anger over serving 14 years for a crime did he not commit.
5:57 pm
>> a formal complaint charges the city taking it to voters too soon. >> and it's called automatic drive assistant. tonight michael finney shows how it could change the way you drive. this woman took her two kids out of a preschool today as soon as she heard the news that a teacher had been arrested for drugging her students. good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm dan ashley. the parents of the kids in that room are stunned by this news and they're angry. the teacher was arrested for putting sleeping pills in the toddler's sippy cups. it happened at kiddie academy in morgan hill. we're there live with the latest. heather? >> police believe the teacher was giving kids these sominex sleeping pills dissolved in water. they never got the pill that's
5:58 pm
day she was observed by a colleague but had she tried it before? was it sominex? how much? these are questions that might not be answered because in part by the time police got there, evidence from friday morning was gone. police say the 59-year-old residents dabby grats worked off and on at the kiddie academy five years in child care for 20. at at kad my she was responsible for 10 children between ages one and two years old. friday morning a colleague noticed something strange. >> she is preparing water for them. and one of the other employees witnessed her putting something into the sippy cups not all but some of them. >> police say she's admitted it was a sleeping pill sominex. grats fired friday morning, police weren't notified until yesterday afternoon and she was arrested at her home last night. police say it would have been better if they were called
5:59 pm
right away. >> we certainly would have appreciated it and could have gone out there to obtain some of the statements of the people that witnessed it that day. we could have gathered some evidence. >> bianca flores's 2-year-old was in grats's care until two weeks ago. the akad me didn't find out why she was fired. >> sickening. i want to throw up. >> caleb suffers from seizures. she says she's taking them to the doctor to be checked out. she says she thought grats loved caleb. >> not angry. just sad. disturbing. i don't know what to think. >> the woman that owns and runs the kid knee akad me issued a statement saying safety and welfare of children is our top priority we have a qualified staff of teacher who's have chosen early childhood evident x

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